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The Women of Color Writers Firmly Believe That

  1. Women of Color have important stories to tell.

  1. WOC Writers’ voices are far too often unheard, under-represented, and undervalued in the literary world.

  1. WOC Writers must believe in their ability to create art, take risk, build self-confidence, and trust their writing voices.

  1. Writers write!  WOC Writers must nourish and practice the craft of writing  ~ enrich and include       our legacy in the annals of literature.

  1. We must recognize our writing as important to the world of art and history ~ We must believe in it.





Creative Writing Workshops



To Use Literary Genres to Write Our Unique Stories

Preserve Our Legacy


WOC is a Community of Global Women Writers

Dedicated to Increasing the Scope, Volume and Quality of Publications by Women of Color

Pat Schneider - AWA Founder States... “You have a voice, just as surely as you have a face, and it is already full of character,  passionate and nuanced and beautiful.” Writing Alone and With Others

Readings and Performance


WOC Writers’


This Workshop is Full

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5 Thursday Sessions

Sept. 14, 21, 28

Oct. 12, 19th

6:15 - 8:30pm


  For Info. ~ 347 210 8026


Creative Writing Experiences

You Will Not Forget!

Join The WOC Writers’ Community

Write in a Safe, Supportive Space

Participate in Readings, Retreats, Manuscript Reviews, Free Workshop, Publications and More


The WOC workshop helped me develop a part of my novel that covered very difficult childhood trauma. Being in a room with women of color created a safe space for me to honestly tell my story. Ashley Y


WOC Writers’

Write to Read Presentation

Thurs. Aug. 24th

Greenlight Books Reading was a Major Success  Over 75 people came out and crammed into the space, took a seat, stood or sat on the floor while sipping wine and celebrating WOC’s diverse literary performance by 11 talented authors



A Women of Color



Over 300 Entries Received!

Submissions Are Now Closed

         Please Note:  This publication has been a long journey but it is nearing completion. The work of reading

       through over 300 pieces and making final selections, requesting edits of authors, and then rereads was difficult because almost every piece of writing spoke to the world of  WOC writers.  Unfortunately we just could

not select them all.  We are nearing completion of the final reads, and copy editing process. 

Thank you all for your patience.  We will keep you updated.

(Updated August 20, 2017)

Special Thanks to the

NY State Council on the Arts